Blending Families

They say that blending families is one of the most challenging things we can ever embark on in life. My experience working with many families endeavouring to navigate their way through the joys and challenges of blending families, is that this is true, but it can work happily and successfully with some support and guidance.

There are a myriad of challenges along the way and lots of questions…

-         Should we treat all the children the same?

-         How do we work out how to discipline each other’s children?

-         The kids aren’t getting along… What should we do?

-         My children are unhappy. What should I do?

-         My child used to be the oldest/youngest. Not anymore…. How can we help them deal with the changes?

-         Who gets a say in the ‘Family/Household Rules’?

-         I don’t get my kids to myself anymore. How do I cope with that?

-         How do we focus on our own relationship amongst all the other stuff? 

-         What about the ex partners?

Couple and/or Family Therapy can help you navigate the adventure with confidence and insight.


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