Cheryl's authentic engagement with her participants and skillful and knowledgeable presentation of EFT is reassuring and safely prompts change from within.

- Robyn - EFT Workshop Participant (Counsellor)

Can't speak highly enough about Cheryl. She explains EFT in a no-nonsense way & I have had enormous personal & professional success with EFT. Thanks Cheryl!

- Karen - EFT Workshop Participant (Counsellor)

EFT has helped release me from the clutches of anxiety and lead a 'normal' life.

- Jane - Client

Cheryl is a professional facilitator who is able to impart her knowledge in an interesting & supportive way.

- Ruth - EFT Workshop Participant 2013

This feedback came from one of the mums with vision impairment who learned about tapping during a tele conference I held during 2013...

"I’ve been using the Tapping Therapy and feel calmer in my approach to situations."

- Testimonial from 'BC'

This feedback came from another one of the mums with vision impairment who learned about tapping during a tele conference I held during 2013...

"Had a bad day yesterday when I attempted to take bubs to the Westfield shopping centre for the first time i.e. footpath construction/blockages, catching buses/taxis, maneuvering the pram, bubs screaming and crying at shops etc so I was tense and couldn’t sleep last night, so I did tapping around the feelings and did feel more relaxed afterwards and could sleep. By identifying the feelings it stopped me trawling over the hassles of the day and helped give perspective - that some of the feelings (fear about doing it again/feeling trapped at home now)weren’t very reasonable.

So I’ll try again in a few weeks time, when he’s older and the feeding isn’t quite as constant, and it probably won’t be as difficult next time and even if it is, we will get through it again, and if I end up not being able to shop again, just feeding, burping and changing him in the parents room, I’ll try not to stress about it or look at it as a failure, at least I got out independently with him!

So thanks for introducing me to tapping!"

- Testimonial From 'SH'

I had been living with severe pain & weakness in both my hands for almost a year when I heard about the use of EFT for pain. The results of tapping were amazing. After 2 sessions, there was no pain at all, and the strength I had lost in my hands had also returned. I think there was a link to 'holding on' to some trauma in my past, and I've since used EFT to process some 'unfinished business'. The pain and weakness has not returned and I feel great!

- Testimonial from 'CS'


I started seeing Cheryl and using EFT (tapping) after battling anxiety and depression for many years. I wanted a drug-free treatment to ease symptoms that have immobilized and isolated me countless times. Using EFT has made a positive and helpful difference. I can now use EFT anywhere – a treatment literally ‘at my fingertips’.

- Testimonial from JN

I found EFT (tapping) to be a very helpful technique. It has helped reduce my anxiety and fear. Cheryl taught me this technique with sensitivity, great insight and skill. She used EFT to help me deal with and overcome some traumatic childhood events and I was surprised at how well it worked. I now am able to use EFT whenever I feel stressed and I find it very useful. I would highly recommend EFT and Cheryl to anyone.

- Testimonial from DE